Welcome to 4Lane Physiotherapy & Gym


Hi guys I’m Loulou one of the Physiotherapists at 4Lane.

We realized we haven’t given you a tour yet, so come and have a look.

We have our reception area, and our receptionist Lyn.

And then coming down the hallway, we have 2 full time Physiotherapists. So we can do comprehensive clinical assessments and hands-on treatment.

And then across the hallway we have our Pilates studio where we have our 4, Allegro 2 Reformers, so we do small group classes up to 4 people.

And this is our Barre and mat Pilates as well as Yoga room.

And we also offer full crèche services Monday and Friday at 9:30

And down hallway we’ve got Angus. And this is our gym.

So group fitness classes are here morning and night & were open 7 days. We also do personal training and we have open gym. So send us a message on Facebook, email us or go to our website and check us out.


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