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How does dry needling work?

Dry needling can help with soft tissue injuries by releasing tension in the muscle It also increases blood flow to the area which provides oxygen and improves circulation and the release of endorphins. Below is a list of some of the conditions we can treat using dry needling:

Dry needling has shown to effectively treat the following conditions:
– Golfers or tennis elbow
– Muscle strains or tears
– Tight muscles
– Tendinopathy
– Headaches

What happens at my appointment

You will be assessed by the physiotherapist at your first visit to confirm that you are an appropriate candidate for dry needling. The physio will ensure you are educated about your condition and what you can do in conjunction with treatment – activity modification, specific exercises, assessing any other contributing issues such as posture, tightness/weakness of other muscle groups etc.

How many treatments will I need? and is it painful?

The number of treatments needed will depend on a number of factors but usually three to five appointments leads to the best outcomes for patients. After the treatment, you should not experience any soreness and tenderness from the needling. Upon completion of your treatment you can return to most regular activities.

Are there any side effects?

Dry Needling may not be appropriate if you have a circulation disorder or a metabolic bone condition. Needling should also not be used if there are any open wounds. People using blood-thinning medications or who have severe circulatory disorders may also not be eligible for treatment.

Who should I book with?

All of our Physiotherapy team are qualified to do dry needling – you can book a dry needling specific appointment today!

Call 9756 7424 and be sure to let your physiotherapist know you would like dry needling or alternatively book online today. Clients are able to manage their own scheduling and bookings via our ‘4Lane Physiotherapy’ App – iPhone OR ‘4Lane Physiotherapy’ App – Android this allows for great flexibility. Once you download the app, then all you need to do is create a profile and you are ready to go!

Cancellation Policy

We have a same day cancellation policy where a $50 fee will be charged for missed or cancelled appointments. Please call 9756 7424 or email to reschedule or cancel Thank you for your understanding.