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What is an Enhanced Primary Care Plan – EPC?

You may have recently been to see your doctor about a long-standing condition that you have. Your doctor has told you that they are going to put you on an Enhanced Primary Care Plan (EPC) and that you have upto 5 visits with a Physiotherapist that Medicare will contribute to – fantastic!

How much will I Pay out of Pocket?

For each Physiotherapy appointment you will be charged a $30 gap for a 30-minute appointment, Medicare will cover the remaining cost of that appointment on the same day.

Please don’t forget your paperwork – otherwise you may have to pay the full amount on the day of your appointment.

How do I get a Medicare Rebate for Physiotherapy?

  • Firstly, you must meet the criteria, and that is generally centred around ‘chronic’ conditions, meaning something you have had for more than 3 months. This may include diabetes, back pain, knee pain, chronic head aches and lots of other conditions.
  • Secondly, you need to have the appropriate referral from your GP, who needs to send you to a Physiotherapy clinic (hopefully us! We’d love to help!)
  • Once the EPC form is filled out by your doctor, they will fax/email to the provider of your choice, if you are unsure your doctor can guide you. Once of our Admin staff have received your EPC they will call you to book in your initial appointment. It’s as simple as that and you don’t need to do any extra work!
  • If your Doctor has given you your paper work you can call us today on 9756 7424 to book in your initial appointment.

How many visits will it cover?

  • EPC’s allow for a total of up to 5 rebated consults to any referred allied health practitioner, per year. That could include Physiotherapy, podiatry, dietetics, speech pathology etc.
  • So for instance, your GP may refer you for 3 Physio consults and 2 Podiatry consults for the year.
  • This number is renewed each calendar year, but you will need a new referral each year to access them.


  • Yes you can get a Medicare Rebate for Physiotherapy using the EPC program.
  • You need a specific doctor’s referral.
  • You can get up to 5 visits per year, including all your allied health visits.
  • We process the EPC’s on the spot at the clinic, so you will only need to pay the $30 gap, so long as we have your paperwork.

We look forward to helping you move better, feel great and enjoy life!

Call us on 9756 7424 to book a time to see one of our highly-qualified and caring Physiotherapists. Or book online today. Clients are able to manage their own scheduling and bookings via our ‘4Lane Physiotherapy’ App – iPhone OR ‘4Lane Physiotherapy’ App – Android this allows for great flexibility. Once you download the app, then all you need to do is create a profile and you are ready to go!

Cancellation Policy

We have a same day cancellation policy where a $50 fee will be charged for missed or cancelled appointments. Please call 9756 7424 or email to reschedule or cancel Thank you for your understanding.