Pilates is a joint-friendly, muscle lengthening and strength workout… that may help ease pressure on the hips, knees and other smaller joints

How Pilates Helps The Body

Pilates is very low impact, first developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, designed to improve posture through a series of small, targeted movements. Sessions include exercises that focus on controlled leg, arm, and shoulder movements. By gently exercising the muscles surrounding the joints this can help to strengthen the muscles and increase their exercise tolerance, decrease the load through the joint and reduce pain. This can have a flow on effect where clients find there is more ease in walking, standing, sitting and daily activities.


The real benefits of doing Pilates goes way beyond looking pretty. For people with joint changes, strengthening can take pressure off painful joints and help maintain mobility. Pilates can provide many benefits like:

  • better posture
  • improve balance
  • general flexibility
  • strength
  • better breathing
  • improved movement control


While Pilates cannot prevent flare-ups, it can reduce the potential side effects. The benefit of using the Reformer machines is that you can vary the load using the springs to accommodate for both pain and strength. There is no need to be coordinated or flexible and reformer Pilates is suitable for everyone. Furthermore, because the reformer is so adaptable it means you are able to strength, control and isolate some muscles that otherwise might not be possible whilst you are in pain. All classes are run by Physiotherapy Staff At 4Lane Physiotherapy, we believe that this is highly valuable as it means that your individual needs will be catered for.


In order to see the benefits, we recommend doing Pilates at least once weekly. An added incentive is that all classes begin with you lying on your back! Call 4Lane Physiotherapy on 9756 7424 to book a consult with one of our friendly Physiotherapists. Private Health Rebates maybe available for group classes.