A home exercise for back pain


Hi Guys I’m Loulou one of the physiotherapist here at 4Lane.

I love working with Discy back pain.

One of the things that you can do when you have an acute flare up.

You can call me for hands on treatment and that could help to move you to the right direction.

The only thing I always give is a home exercise which is a stretch.

So you can cross the knee over the thigh, or the angle of your thigh and bend your knee towards the chest.

And that gives a bit of a stretch at the bottom, 45 second to a minute on the other side.

The other thing you can do is coming for a pilates, moving always makes you feel better

And we make individualize and specific programs based on your goals and what’s going on with you

So come and see us at 4Lane.

Learn more on this page: Dunsborough Physiotherapy or call us now on 08 9756 7424 to make a booking. 

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