By Physiotherapist: Rhys Veen.

Here at 4Lane Physiotherapy our team is the best in the business for sports injuries. We know regular physical activity is key to optimal health from cradle to grave. Unfortunately, when competing in sports we sustain injuries. Nevertheless, the net health effect is positive. We want to get you back our exercising AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. That’s where Physiotherapists come in.

Sports injuries are divided into acute injuries which occur suddenly usually due to trauma or overuse injuries which occur gradually over time. No matter what it is, we are trained in preventing injuries, treating injuries, improving performance and recovery.

Here are the benefits we can provide for you:


Sports injuries are damage to tissue in the body that occurs during sport or exercise. This may result in injury to your muscle, ligament, bone or tendon. We can diagnose you with this injury, give you a run-down of what needs to happen going forwards and how we can in the rehabilitation process. We also know what products you may need to help with this injury.


Always be one step ahead of the game. If you are getting ready for the sport season or getting back into exercise, it is important to assess your strengths and weaknesses. We can assess your body biomechanics, muscle strength, mobility and so much more. With this information we can provide you with education of how to tackle your sport symptom-free and provide you with a customised exercise program. This program will focus on the goals you want to achieve, which could be getting stronger, getting faster, being more mobile or getting fitter.


Flexibility, strength and endurance training are all important factors for sports performance. With your sport we can break down these factors for you and provide you with the best information and programming to maximise your performance.


As Physiotherapists we know the importance of cooling down after sport. We can help you be educated on whether to use ice or heat, what stretching exercises to do and hands on treatment to help with muscle tightness. Then you can get yourself back out and playing quicker than ever.


All of our Physiotherapy team are qualified to help you with this kind of injury. Your Physiotherapist will guide you on the treatments needed as such as home exercise, taping, massage and or dry needling.

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