By Senior Physiotherapist: Loulou Negoescu & Matias Brown (Work experience student)

What is it?

Swimmer shoulder is when tendons (tissues that connect muscles to bones) become inflamed and swollen. The shoulder is a joint that is very shallow and moves in lots of different directions so can become easily painful and can be difficult to settle. The inflammation can cause pressure on nearby bones, muscles and other tendons. Swimmer shoulder can also be referred to as shoulder impingement. Swimmer shoulder is the result of repetitive use of the joint.

Who gets it?

Anyone who repetitively uses their shoulders to lift or reach overhead can get swimmer shoulder. For example, high-performance swimmers, baseball players, tennis players, construction workers and electricians and the most likely to develop the condition.

How can physio help?

Physio can help by providing special stretches, strength training and joint stabilisation exercises to help heal the shoulder. They can also provide strategies to prevent re-injury. For example, exercises and routines help strengthen your muscles. joint exercises improve flexibility and improve range of motion. Swimmer shoulder typically takes three to six months to heal completely. However more serious cases can take up to a year to heal.

Who should I book with?

All of our Physiotherapy team are qualified to help you with this kind of injury. Your Physiotherapist will guide you on the treatments needed as such as home exercise, taping, massage and or dry needling.

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Cancellation Policy

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